Saturday, April 30, 2011

Battle Of Wills

That night, Jack and Sarah went to bed angry. They lay in bed each with their back turned to the other, both unable to sleep both unwilling to continue the fight. Jack felt Sarah shift and fuss –stressed, like he was, and unable to relax.
For several minutes she was still, but then she slipped out of bed and abruptly walked out of their bedroom. Jack listened for sounds from the bathroom, but heard nothing, he sat up, straining to hear any noise. Was she crying?
He lay back down, deciding he didn’t care what she was doing, closing his eyes, several long minutes passed. What the hell was she up to?

Jack rose silently from the bed, tiptoed to the doorway and listened again. holding his breath. There was something, it was coming from the living room. Jack moved down the hallway, shifting his weight carefully, avoiding the places where the floor might squeak.
Just shy of the threshold to the living room he leaned out away from the wall and could see Sarah lying on the couch. Apparently she didn’t want to sleep in the same bed with him. Fuck her, then. he muttered silently to himself ready to return to bed when he noticed movement.
She lowered her knees, and by the faint moonlight Jack could see that her hand was down the front of her pajama bottoms. Her arm jerked vigorously as she masturbated. But this wasn’t the sensual, teasing way she used on those occasions when she allowed him to watch her. This was purposeful and almost brutal.
Jacks cock grew stiff instantly. suddenly he felt bad that he had driven her to this, but at the same time he couldn’t turn away. Then he pulled his swollen cock out of his boxers and watched her. She worked her hand rapidly between her legs, breathing quickly, but not moaning like she did when putting on a show for him.
What Jack was witnessing was purely for her. She attacked her pussy, seeking relief, needing to give herself something that wasn’t about or for him. She knew how much he loved to watch her touch herself, and she was taking satisfaction from denying him this. Or so she thought.
She stopped suddenly, then punched the sofa pillow. For a moment Jack thought that she had heard him, he froze, his pulsing hard cock in a tight sweaty grip. She pulled off her pajama bottoms, threw them aside, and unbuttoned her top. Jack could just barely see her roughly pinching and pulling at both her nipples, harder than he would ever imagine doing. Jack continued stroking himself.
She licked the two middle fingers of her right hand and reached back down to her pussy. Her hand circled there a few times, then she stretched her arm in a way that told Jack she had pushed those two fingers inside her. Instead of the slow, tender motions he anticipated, she began pounding at herself.
Her whole body clenched as she repeatedly slammed her fingers into her pussy. Her relentless pace increased and she fucked herself even harder. He couldn’t believe how intense she was. The heel of her hand slapped hard against her clit, making a noise that he would have been able to hear from the bedroom. She wanted him to know she was pleasuring herself. She wanted to torture him with the knowledge that she was naked, and masturbating, and fucking herself without him.
Jack struggled not to go to her then, he wanted to say he was sorry and plunge his rigid cock into her swollen, wet cunt. wanted her to take him into her mouth while she furiously fucked her fingers. Jack wanted to be a part of her angry, spiteful passions. But he held back, not willing to give her the satisfaction. Instead, he would take what he wanted from her, use her self-serving display for his own pleasure. Jack jerked at his cock with one hand, and cupped his balls tightly with the other


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