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sex with fan with her daughter

Hello Friends, Rinku once again with new story. This is the 30th story on this site. At first I want to thank all my fans and readers to reach this juncture. After a great success of my last group story “Great Gangbang”, I have many mails from my fans and readers to write   one more group story. So now I am presenting this group story. This is also a real one. For some reasons I have just changed the name of the characters.

I have a fan from south India. Her name was Anu, Age – 39, figure – 38, 32 and 40. She is a great fan of mine. His hubby is working in Dubai. She is living with her 18 year old daughter Neeru. She is also very cute and beautiful girl. Her figure is 32, 28 and 34.

After many request of that fan I have decided to visit her place. One more thing I forgot to share that they both are having keys of house for entering in house if anyone of them out without informing other. I reached her city 6.30 AM in the morning. I called her from station. She guided me how to reach her home? After got freshen up at the station bathroom and taking light breakfast at station, I reached her home around 8.30 AM.

Her daughter was left for the college. She had gone to the house of one of her friend form where she had to go to the college. Anu was lonely at home when I reached there. I was spell bound after seeing her. Even at the age of 39 she was looking very attractive and beautiful. She was wearing red saree with matching blouse. She was keeping beni in her hairs. The aroma of flower was making my mood pleasant. She was looking like sweet red angel in that appearance.

She greeted me and asked about my journey. We participated in small conversation. Now I want to take bath. She guided me to her bath room. I took shower. Then we took breakfast together. On breakfast table my eyes were glued on her cleavage she was quite bent. I was watching her half naked boobs. Only this scene was made my rod hard. In any way I completed my breakfast. I was tired due to long journey so I want to take some rest.

I rested in her bed room. Now she was busy in house hold works. I awoke around 11 am. She was working in kitchen at that time. I went there and hugged her form back. She was feeling my dick on her ass. I was fondling her boobs.

Anu, “What you are doing? Can’t you wait some time?”

I, “I came here for this work only then why should I wait?”

I was kissing on her bare neck and feeling the aroma of flowers of her beni. She was wearing night gown while working in kitchen. I don’t want to waste my time in opening her clothes. So I decided to tear the night gown. I placed my hands near the cut of front side and pulled it in both side then gown was torn. Chaaraaaaaaaaaaaaakkkkk

Only bra and panty were on her body. Now I turned her in front side and we started passionate kissing. Muuuuuuuuuuuuuchhhhhh She was hot and horny that time. We tasted each other saliva. That time our tongues were making love.
Her boobs became very hard and pressed by chest because I was hugging her while kissing. My hairy chest was certainly giving her pleasure. Then I guided my fingers down to the pussy and rubbing the clit by two fingers in circular motion. Now she was moaning loud. Ohhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

After passionate kiss now I was sucking her boobs and running my fingers on clits. Both works were going on together. She was shivering in hotness of sexual pleasure. She was bent on my body, her eyes were closed and her mouth was creating exciting and sexy moaning sounds.

Now she became very hot and twisting my dick with her hands. I understood that she wants now actual fuck joy by inserting my dick in her love hole. So I lift her and made her to sit on the edge of kitchen slab. Her pussy was now in level of my dick in my standing position. I opened her thighs in both sides. Then placed my dick on her pussy gate and gave a hard jerk. Shaaaraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak. Dick was completely in. She cut her lips by her teeth in sudden pain.

Her hands were on my shoulders and the fucking session was going on.

Ghacak ghach Ghacak ghach Ghacak ghach Ghacak ghach Ghacak ghach Ghacak ghach

I opened her hairs and flowers of beni were on the floor. I was fucking her very hard. She was pressing her nails of my shoulders. Her eyes were closed and moaning sound making me hotter and I was enjoying this session. After 10 minutes of this session she declared that she had reached her first orgasm and now wants to change the position because her legs were paining due to stretching on the slab.

Her washing machine was near her kitchen. I kept her on the machine one leg up and body was bent on the machine, so that her pussy was wide open view from back side in this position. Then again I inserted my dick inside her pussy.

Now once again fucking machine was started. But this time sound was changed due to ass thumping.

Ghapa ghap Ghapa ghap Ghapa ghap Ghapa ghap Ghapa ghap Ghapa ghap Ghapa ghap

I was holding her hairs and fucking like that I was doing the horse riding the holding the string of the horse. Now she was shouting.

“ha ha  ah ahha ha hah aahh ahha ha ah ah ah ha hah ha hah ahh ahhh ahhah ha ha ha ha
Fuck me hard Rinku. Fuck me hard. My hubby hadn’t fucked me so nicely till date. Make me your slut. You gave me indescribable pleasure, so nice of you. Go on, Go on, fast, fast, fast and deep and more faster and deeper.”

Now I was running my dick faster. I was giving her harder and deeper thrusts. It was certainly reaching at very deep, and knocking at the gate of uterus. Because of hard jerking washing machine was also moving front and back and creating sound like kit kat kit kat .

“I am coming, I am coming, stop stop stop.” She informed.

With loud moaning sound she released her liquid. This was her second orgasm. Now her body was very loose. I pulled out my dick. Now she wants fucking in resting position. So she took me to her bedroom. And placed her on the bed and opened her thighs to invite me to reach my orgasm. Now we were enjoying fucking session on the bed in old and traditional missionary style. I was giving hard and fast jerks because I also want to reach the climax. Her pussy was contracted due to two orgasms and my dick was paining inside it. Within some time I also reached the climax and released cum inside her pussy.

“What the hell is going on?” this sentence made both of us surprised. Neeru (her daughter) came in the bedroom. She returned from college and used her key to open the main door which we had closed from inside.

We want to make the situation normal.

“Who are you?” Neeru asked to me.

I have no words to answer.

Anu replied, “Rinku Sex Story writer, I have called him for myself.”

“Oh sex story writer. I won’t inform papa if this person will made me also happy with sex. I am virgin till date.”

“You have to be married. I will fuck your ass and give you satisfaction.” I said.

She was not agreeing on this proposal. But Anu said something in her ears then she agreed on that.

We had taken lunch together. While taking my lunch I was just seeing Neeru body structure. She was also beautiful like her mother. Her figure was looking nearly 32, 28 and 34. After lunch we came to the hall. Both mother and daughter were sitting on another sofa in front of me side by side. I was unaware of the fact what was going to be done next?

Suddenly Anu hugged Neeru and started kissing her on lips. I was surprised to see this act. She opened her top and pant in no time. Neeru’s bra was showing her tits partially. Anu opened her bra also. I saw her sweet and smooth boobs.

Neeru also opened her mom’s night gown and her bra too. Anu placed her hand on Neeru’s buttock and giving it a message. Neeru also cupped her mom’s right breast giggling. Anu puts her hand in Neeru’s panty and inserted her finger in her hole, she coed in excitement.

Anu removed her daughter’s panty and exposed her thighs, buttocks and smooth pussy. Anu carried her tongue to the crack between buttocks and licked her kneeling on her knees. Neeru’s body began to stiffen and loosen as Anu continued licking her firm and shapely buttocks. She had to take the support of the wall to maintain the balance.

Till this time my dick was also became hard once again. But I was enjoying the lesbian show of mother and daughter. It was now Neeru’s turn to take the initiative and remove her mother’s under garments. She also opened her panty.

Neeru made her mom to lean against wall and kissed and licked her legs moving her tongue artistically. She paid special attention on her buttocks and the waist. Now she raised Anu’s right leg, which she placed on the sofa handle. She rubbed her mom’s G spot with fingers.

After finishing her part she sat down on sofa widening her thighs inviting her mom openly to lick her pussy. Anu obliged her by lapping it like a hungry cat. Neeru was cooing. Anu carried on sucking her pussy for some time. After that they both came on the floor in 69 position. And both were licking and sucking each other pussy very nicely.

Incidentally they both noticed me I was rubbing hand on my bare dick while seeing their action. I had opened my pant and boxer and rubbing my 7” long and 2.25” wide dick.

Then they both came to me and started sucking my dick one by one. I was in heaven, because two beautiful females of different age were sucking my dick and balls. My dick became very hard due to their so nice sucking.

Now I made Neeru in doggy style on the floor. Anu was sitting on sofa with wide open thighs. Neeru placed her lips once again on her pussy to lick that. My dick was slippery with their saliva after their sucking.

I spitted on ass hole of Neeru and placed my dick on that and started entering slowly. Neeru was licking her mom’s pussy and I was giving pressure on her ass by my dick. When I was succeeded in entering pink part of my dick she was about to scream in pain but Anu kept her head down to her pussy so scream was not blurted out.

I was moving my dick in same position slowly.

In & out, In & out, In & out, In & out, In & out, In & out, In & out, In & out, In & out.

I was giving one hard jerk after every 4 – 5 jerks. Now she was inquiring about dick’s position.

“Is it completely in?”
“No more than a half” I replied “Can I insert it full now?”

Neeru, “Yes enter it now.”

I said, “Okay”.

I had given a hard jerk. Ghachaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak

Then I circled my arms around her belly and also pressing her boobs from back and running my fingers on her nipples. Now my fucking machine speed was increased.

Ghapa ghap Ghapa ghap Ghapa ghap Ghapa ghap Ghapa ghap Ghapa ghap Ghapa ghap

Neeru was licking her mom’s pussy and her mom’s eyes were closed. From her face expression I felt that she was very much enjoying the licking and she was also very hot this time.

So I told Neeru now leave your mom’s pussy. I will fuck you both one by one. Then Anu shifted her in left side with wide open thighs. I was fucking Neeru very hard in her ass. This was decided that both will get 30 jerks respectively. After 30 jerks in Neeru’s ass I took out my dick from her ass and entered it in Anu’s pussy. Now Anu was once again enjoying my fuck.

This session was continued until Anu’s orgasm. When I was about to reach my climax I asked both what you want? They informed me that release your cum on our face. So I took out my dick and sprayed cum on their faces and boobs.

Both were licked every drop from each other body parts. This was the nicest fuck session of my life till date. We all three were satisfied and exhausted. So we went to the bathroom and took shower together. We all cleaned each other body parts.

So friends this is again my Group story. How you find it? Mail id of that fan is . Keep me informed about this story on my mail I am also waiting for your valuable comments, suggestions and guidance which helped me lot in writing these stories. Keep writing to me and enjoy fucking stories. With love Rinku


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